There are so many reasons to love a rainy day but we’ve narrowed it down to the top ten. Don’t let wet weather get you down, be inspired by the list below to learn to love the rain and all its benefits.

  1. Getting out in the wet weather is fun. Splashing about in puddles and getting drenched makes you feel carefree and youthful and a hot shower, food and drink is that much more rewarding upon your return as you’ve truly earnt it.
  2. It’s a great chance to watch as many movies as you can. What could be more relaxing than binging a tv show or watching movies on a wet weather day? The rain gives a lovely soundtrack to a day spent lounging around – without the guilty feeling that you should be outdoors getting things done.
  3. It creates strength of character. Resilient people don’t let something like the weather stop them from achieving their goals. True rainy day lovers are some of the happiest people on earth and much more fun to be around than those that whine about the weather.
  4. Food and warm drinks are more satisfying. A rainy day has that unhurried feeling giving you a reason to sit back, relax and enjoy a good meal.
  5. Who doesn’t love a daytime nap with the rain pitter pattering overhead. There’s a reason why rain sounds are among the most popular soundtracks for relaxation – that cosiness feeling can’t be beat.
  6. Rain today is the fresh water you’ll drink tomorrow. We’re so lucky that we have an abundance of clean drinking water, not everywhere in the world is this fortunate.
  7. Time to catch up on hobbies. Wet weather is the perfect time to read a book, upload those photos, cook a meal or complete a craft item for example. People tend to feel more creative and focused on a rainy day.
  8. It’s the perfect time for reflection. Many good ideas have come from sitting indoors looking out at the rain with a cup of coffee.
  9. It’s the lifeblood of our region. It creates our valleys, waterfalls, glaciers, lakes, rivers and rainforest and ensures green is the dominant colour of our landscapes.
  10. You can get beautiful, dramatic, moody photos like this one 🙌🤩

Photo credit: Mr Lester Chan