Wine goes with dinner, like, wine with dinner – and you know you’ve made a great choice of restaurants when the owners pay as much attention to the wine as they do the food. Cherry Patel, owner of The Last Kitchen in Fox Glacier moved here from Auckland a year ago and has put her heart and soul into creating an enjoyable dining experience for her guests. “We serve modern kiwi cuisine and Asian food that appeals to all ages,” says Cherry. “And we have of course a good collection of wine. The lamb and beef steak is really popular and guests enjoy trying something different and love the goat dish we serve.” Cherry says the restaurant is within walking distance from most Fox Glacier accommodation and visitors often end up socialising with people at different tables and chatting about their travel experiences. One of the most memorable nights was when the kitchen staff were able to hear how much one table enjoyed their meal. “After their meal the whole table of people stood up and clapped so the kitchen staff could hear their appreciation,” says Cherry. “It really boosted the mood of the kitchen staff as they’re not out front to usually hear the feedback.” The restaurant serves up to 120 people per night in summer time and there’s seating outside to enjoy the beautiful summer evenings.