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Okarito Kayaks, West Coast, NZ
58 on Cron, accommodation, West Coast, NZ
Lake Mapourika, Franz Josef, West Coast, NZ
Okarito Trig with Glacier Valley Eco Tours, West Coast NZ


Nature’s imperfections – wild, unruly, unpredictable. Plans have no place somewhere truly untouched; the environment shapes itself. Pristine nature, the result of time and consequence, is beyond replication. Nature’s imperfections are perfect.    Looking for… Read more
Glacier Valley Eco Tours   There’s a fine line between seeing and experiencing. To walk through a rugged, living landscape is exhilarating. To delve below the surface is sublime.    Guidebooks have their place, but… Read more
White Heron Sanctuary Tours Whataroa   There’s a lot to be said for being original. To be the first and the only, to be a guardian of something special, to find passion in something and… Read more
Lush, Jurassic rainforest surrounds a still kettle lake. The deep, tannin colour transforms the water’s surface into a reflective expanse, mirroring a mountainous valley of ice and snow. Dawn is breaking on Lake Mapourika. Soon,… Read more
Slow Travel Part 4 – The Environment   An empty beach at low tide. The peace of walking next to the ocean, vast and mesmerising. Waves crash against the shore, their spray mixing with the… Read more
Slow Travel Part 3 – The Local Economy   “Live simply so that others may simply live.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi   One night here, two nights there, leaving early to get things done quicker –… Read more
Slow Travel Part 2 – The Traveller   “There is no need to rush. What is meant for you always arrives on time.” ~Frachella   The second part of this series is dedicated to how… Read more
SLOW TRAVEL A NEW CONCEPT FROM OLD TIMES (4-part series)   “It always pays to dwell slowly on the beautiful things, the more beautiful, the more slowly.” ~ Atticus.   Nowadays, society is based on… Read more