Remote living has its advantages and life in Fox Glacier is remote living at its best. Distinction Hotel General Manager Christian Scheule loves living in the stunning alpine environment for multiple reasons. “I have no travel expenses to get to and from work so I save on gas money,” says Christian. “There aren’t many shops here so in my free time I don’t go shopping, to get to the shops would mean five hours on the road.” It’s not just money saving that appeals to Christian, the escape from corporate life is also a bonus. “Here I have more freedom to operate how I want to operate, I’m not running from meeting to meeting like in the corporate world where I think a lot of time is wasted, here we do everything on the job,” says Christian. “I would much rather deal with tourists than with the corporate industry, here the tourists are treated as humans not numbers.” Christian and his team spend 15 minutes checking every guest in and making them feel at home. It’s an important part of the job to pass on local knowledge. “Every night between 6.30-7pm guests are invited to join the hotel management in the guest lounge for a complimentary beer or wine and they get a lot of answers to their questions and socialise,” says Christian. “We’re ambassadors of the West Coast and we do that with pride – we live in paradise, what else can you wish for?”