To have a successful restaurant isn’t a piece of cake, it takes dedication and passion for food which Snakebite’s staff have in abundance. Snakebite co-owner and baker Billy Whiteman says they’ve tried to tick as many boxes as they can to provide a great customer experience. “We hand pick good produce, make nice food and have friendly staff in a modern setting,” says Billy. “We have bakery food, South East Asian dishes and gourmet burgers to cover all bases.” Billy uses as much local produce as possible and gets his vegetables and edible flowers from Hokitika. To keep up with worldwide food trends he likes to gather ideas while he’s travelling as well as getting ideas from food tv, magazines and social media. He’s also trying out a few new things this summer to keep the restaurant vibrant. “We’ve got live acoustic musicians playing three nights per week, a new menu coming up and we’re going to have live shellfish on hand,” says Billy. “I got 10kg of cockles to test them out and ended up eating nearly all of them myself.”