This easy walk is a perfect example of how plants can quickly regenerate after a glacier has retreated. It takes forty minutes return, and you can see all stages of the regenerating vegetation which is reminiscent of Gondwana’s “dinosaur forests”.

From the Fox Glacier Village head south on State Highway Six and cross the Cook River Bridge. Take your first left up the Glacier View Drive and look for the start of the track on your left.

The Track
Moraines are piles of debris that have been bulldozed from the valley walls as the glacier descends down the mountainside. The height of the forest is a convenient record, like the rings on a bath tub it shows the last glacial advance and retreat.

As you start the walk, the trail takes you over surfaces that would have been covered by the Fox Glacier between the 1600’s and 1750’s. You can even see the “trimline” of vegetation that would have been on display when Captain Cook was first circumnavigating New Zealand.

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