Glacier Country Kayaks

One of Glacier Country’s must-do activities is kayaking on Lake Mapourika. This lake has spectacular views of the Southern Alps and the surface is often like a mirror, making for stunning reflections.

With Glacier Country Kayaks, single and double paddlers are guided across the lake to a unique kiwi sanctuary, home to the rarest kiwi birds on the planet.

Owner Bronwyn Burrows says some mornings, especially in winter, the lake has thick fog obscuring the other side of the lake.

“Our guides sometimes need a compass to get through the fog,” says Bronwyn. “We time it so the paddlers are in the right spot to see the mist lift and unveil the stunning mountain views.”

The guides take free top quality photos of the paddlers and the scenery so customers can enjoy being out amongst nature and taking in the view. Bronwyn says the views do have their drawbacks though.

“The views generally make people stop paddling and sit in awe,” says Bronwyn. “It can be hard to keep them going to the far side!”