Going big has its benefits. Air Safaris has the biggest, and newest scenic aircraft on the West Coast which means their passengers get incredible views, longer flight time and low noise impact in the National Park. Steve Henery of Air Safaris says they use a Gypsland GA8 Air Van for many reasons including the large windows for unimpeded views. “The advantage of this type of aircraft is the large boxy body, which gives more room and bigger windows,” says Steve. The Air Van has all window seats meaning no one gets blocked in and everyone has great photo taking opportunities – a definite bonus as there’s a lot to see. “We climb to the West as opposed to choppers climbing East in the valleys,” says Steve. “We fly twice as far as the helicopters with orbits to give all passengers great views. Our Grand Traverse crosses the divide and travels up the Tasman Glacier and the Murchison Glacier covering both National Parks and the World Heritage area.” Air Safaris fly higher and wider than other operators ensuring they don’t have a noise footprint in the National Park and are proud their operation has a low impact on visitors walking in the park. “We also have 15 seater aircraft so can fly more people with less flights,” says Steve. “I believe we have the largest seating capacity for a scenic flight company in NZ.” Passengers rate Air Safaris as one of the must do activities in Glacier Country as they constantly exceed passenger expectations by professionally presenting visitors to the majesty of the mountains.