Enjoy impressive views of the Franz Josef Glacier valley and Waiho River from the summit of this short steady climb.

20 min 900 m return via same track Easiest: Short walk Family Friendly, Short Walk (under 1 hour)

This short steady climb up a now bush-covered ice-scraped rock offers views of the glacier valley and the Waiho River.

Information panels at the viewpoint show dramatic photos of the glacial retreat, making it one of the best places to appreciate the power of the glacier.

Sentinel Rock emerged from beneath the glacier in 1865 and is an example of how the glacial ice ground the hard schist bedrock into a Roche moutonnee or ‘rock sheep’.

Since 1909 the glacier has retreated over 3 km and plants have progressively colonised where a veneer of rubble has been dumped over bedrock in the valley.


Getting there

Drive or walk south a short distance from the Franz Josef Waiau township across the Waiho River bridge and turn left onto the Glacier Access Road or Te Ara a Waiau.

Drive or walk for approximately 4 km to the car park at the end of the road.

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